I am working on a lot of exciting projects right now: a documentary on animal adoption, a docu-drama about single mothers by choice, and have just finished editing a Screen Actors Guild drama film that will premiere in Washington, DC and New York City. I have also started doing sports videography and this is taking up a good deal of my time.

I am about to go on vacation and will be recording an album with my best friends. We could really use some money to help package and distribute it. If you think you can help (any amount would help so much, even $1) then please donate or share the page to your network. You can get the CD and art booklet for $15, shipping included. Thanks! Hope you’re well.

Here is the link: http://igg.me/at/humanenergyfield/x/6264693



Shooting Plan B reality series in NYC.
Photo by production photographer Jamal Sharif Harrington


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